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    Would anyone know of software which effectively synchronizes the Visor with Lotus Notes calendar entries?
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    I use EasySync by Lotus/IBM

    Only trick I found with it is to setup a "local" replica of my notes mail and ONLY sync to the local copy and not directly from the server (this goes double if your company uses "fail over" mail servers) , Switch your location to "island" before hotsyncing - for extra insurance I disconnected the net cable the first few times to make sure its wasn't trying to connect to the server copy.

    Search the visorcentral forums on lotus notes, I have posted more details in the past when others have asked about syncing to Notes.
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    Hi. I support a lot of Notes/Palm users at my job. Here is my suggestion...

    Instead of EasySync I use another conduit called Pylon. It was originally created and sold by a company named Globalware but AvantGo bought them and it is now sold by them (here is the link

    You'll want to get the Pylon Conduit version (the Pro version which costs more, let's you sync any Notes database not just your mail, calendar, address, todo and journal (memo) but ANY Notes database. It's kinda cool...)

    I think the Pylon Conduit version runs around $80. I know it's not cheap, but I do have to admit, the software works well. It's a tiny bit difficult to set up the first time, but it has been very stable. I've been working with this software since version 2.6 (about 2 years) I think it's at version 4 now.

    Now, I have not personally tried this on a Treo 300. I have multiple Palm OS devices and one of them syncs with Lotus Notes. However, I don't see any reason why this shouldn't work on the Treo, since nothing is installed on the Palm device (unlike EasySync which installs several redirectors on the Palm). It's just a HotSync conduit installed on the computer only. But always as a precaution, back up your Palm device before trying anything new.

    Anyway, I hope this helped. Enjoy!


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