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    Anyone know what browser will allow access to my corporate email through - I'd love a way to check my corporate email while away from my desk, and I can't use PCS Business Connection because I use a laptop and can't leave it on and connected to Outlook. Anyone know a solution for me???
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    Your company may have POP3 access to your accounts.

    Most companies require a secure access point - generally known as a RAS. You can often dial into this and get your IP feed direct from the corporate servers and then use a regular POP3 client like OneTouch to get your email.

    If your company is a little more secure, you may have to use VPN to get to your mail server and then use a POP client to get the mail. This would work over any ISP feed to the net rather than a RAS access point. This is a better option for the 300 which already has the IP feed from Sprint.

    You will probably need help from your IT folks on this one.

    My other suggestion is lower tech. Find a PC that is left on and have a redirector for email installed on it. Lock it down using the NT lockout screen and just leave it there redirecting your mail. This solution works if you have administrative PCs such as intranet servers or Filemaker servers which you can reliably leave on without any screen access.
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    Xiino can work with OWA if your OWA administrator has it configured to recognize Xiino as a secure browser. The frames used by OWA make it clumsy to use.

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    Originally posted by gmaugham
    Xiino can work with OWA if your OWA administrator has it configured to recognize Xiino as a secure browser
    Yes, that's what's indicated in Xiino FAQ but what does it mean exactly ?
    Is it very easy for the admin to configure it ? I have spoke to this to my IT manager and he couldn't answer.
    Where is a - almost - step by step instruction to configure OWA server for Xiino ?
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    I can't answer your question about configuring Exchange, but I would recommend you just download the free trial of Xiino and see if it works with your OWA configuration.


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