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    Hi everyone,

    So I recently got myself a Treo 300. I'm extremely happy with it but I have yet to find an email solution that I'm satisfied with.

    I've tried Treo Mail and Eudora's Palm Mail Client, but neither have been ideally what I want.

    Perhaps I can get some recommendations from the forum?

    There's a few key things that I'd like to have, and I find it doubtful I'll actually find a client with all these features at this point, but perhaps someone can point me to something that will suit me adequately.

    What I would like is this:
    - IMAP capability.
    - Ability to browse non-system IMAP folders.
    - Secure transfer of email.
    - Ability to sync with IMAP server, keeping mails marked as new on the server, even after downloaded to the Palm.
    - Also the ability to sync to the IMAP server via a connection a PC through some conduit rather than through the wireless phone's internet connection.
    - Also I'd like it to be easy to navigate with the Treo's lid closed. Treo Mail does this well, using the Jog dial to navigate around.
    - Ability to configure out my inbox is displayed on the Treo, for example Treo Mail displays two lines for each email, where I'd like to change that to one.

    Treo Mail seems like a good product except it cannot be customized in how it displays the inbox, it doesn't support IMAP, and it marks my mails as read on the pop server when the are retreived. If these things were fixed I'd gladly use Treo mail.

    Eudora's Mail Client is nice and configurable, but does not support IMAP, and wouldn't connect securely to my mail server.

    I've been browsing around the web looking for another email application that would suit me ideally but none seem like they will so far... I'll keep trying them until I find one that works great, and I'll let you all know when I do.

    In the mean time, anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks a million,
    Josh Estelle
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    Iambic mail supports IMAP, but it has other issues - specifically it leaves an active data connection up, which drains your battery in no time. In addition, the developers won't respond to anybody about anything. I'm using SnapperMail, and I don't have any complaints about it. It currently doesn't have IMAP, but they're anticipating an IMAP version by the end of the year.

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    Try Basejet - it has all of the features you mentioned, except for the ability to browse non-system IMAP folders (they are probably working on that, use their support database to ask about this).

    I have not tried Iambic, but have tried SnapperMail (which does not provide secure transfers)

    Basejet uses Triple-DES encryption throughout their products: Basejet Transporter, Basejet Launcher, & Basejet Mail (Palm client). The standalone POP3/IMAP configuration does not need a Launcher running but it still goes through their Multi-Launcher service to provide secure transfers.

    Basejet supports HotSync - including conduits for Outlook, Lotus Notes, POP3/IMAP, & Outlook Express, plus wireless sync with SMS trigger pull email. Today the Treo 300 with “always-on” service does not work with the SMS trigger (I know because I own a Treo 300).

    Basejet has built in viewers for .doc, .txt, .pdf attachments. Native Word and PDF documents are converted on the fly either through the Launcher or Multi-Launcher. I’m waiting for them to finish their graphic viewer. Today when viewing a graphic attachment, it throws up a canned image stating to “Watch this space”.

    Currently they are still in Beta stage and you can tryout and download for free, after going through a registration screen.

    I heard that an imminent release is in the works. Since they haven’t released an update in a couple of months (they use to have monthly updates), there must be major additions to the product (including Treo jog dial support).

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    I would suggest taking a look at SnapperMail. I've done a little writeup of it at It's still in Beta, but it's currently very usable. I think all the features being asked for are implemented or are planned to be implemented.

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