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    Someone was telling me to try the ZFrame browser, but I'm not sure if it's any good. Has anyone ever used it?
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    Some people I know at Sprint tell me they're going to be using ZFrame for attachment handling, for the Business Connection app. So, we'll see how that all works out...
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    Pull it down and let us know I may tonight, looks pretty useful based on the demo...

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    I tried the demo... I've got plenty of free space and it tells me it doesn't have the required 4 mb of mem.
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    If you really want to see the whole page made up as it should be this is better than Blazer. The link behavior takes getting used to though. It seems to be a product being groomed for primetime by a wireless carrier - my bet is Verizon or Sprint.

    Anyone tried out the mail features yet?

    I tried the browser on some very busy pages like and it worked well. I dont like the form behavior on sites like Google though - the zoom is awkward.
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    Originally posted by Poryphyron
    Anyone tried out the mail features yet?
    Zframe had no problem displaying a Word document attachment (with a table). It renders them like a web page so you use the same stylus fly-over and zoom methods to see the document.

    I don't see how the document could be used by Quickoffice.
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    Well it is indeed and interesting browser if nothing else. Glad some others dove in and gave it a shot before I loaded it up .

    It's nice. First is shows a page how it would in a regular PC browser and you can use the Zoom features to look at things close up.

    It even renders Java Applets (graphically), but you can use the applets. Nice to atleast be able to see them and it points them out as applets.

    It's pretty fast and kind of fun to use. I say it's cool. But I don't know if I'd pay much money for it or any money at all. I mean Blazer is free and good enough for me, but I'll keep playing with this browser for the 60 day trial and see where things go from there .

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