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    Handspring support are unable to tell me if it's GPRS enabled ( " they will not let me have one to try out, so how can I offer tech support.. let me try and find someone who has " )

    1) is Handspring support really this bad, or have I been unlucky?

    2) I have inserted my SIM card with 120 numbers on it into the phone, but when I receive a call the callers name doesn't showup- I presume the name needs to be in the address book ? in which case, how do I transfer all these names from the SIm card to the address book..?

    3) How do I retrieve email from my yahoo account? this is web mail and the handspring site says it works with yahoo mail.. can I also retrieve hotmail?

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    ... and another query.. I have a name that I have in my Sim card, and I have managed to copy this accros to my speed dial so the contacts name is in there, BUT he just sent me an SMS message and the treo didn't display his name- only his number even though he's now listed twice - once in sim card, and once in speed dial memory. What gives?
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    Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support.

    I understand that the names in your speed dial and SIM card are not being
    assigned to the SMS messages that you receive. To get a name assigned to a
    call or SMS message, you must have the name and number in your main
    Contact list. The SIM Card and Speed Dial are not polled for names.

    You need to re-enter your names and numbers into the Contact list manually.
    The best way to do this, would be to enter them into the Palm Desktop
    software and then hotsync them to the unit.
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    search for threads about using funbook - it should help you avoid typing data in again.
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    Yahoo offers two kinds of mail: POP3 and webmail.

    POP3: Treo Mail, Eudora Internet Suite for Palm OS, Aileron, SnapperMail, etc. - all these email clients work with the POP3 version of Yahoo (and all other POP3 email). The above clients work like your standard desktop POP3/corporate email client, on a Treo. That is, you don't have to go to a webpage to access your email.

    WEBMAIL: If you have the webmail version of Yahoo, you can use Blazer to access it. Enter this URL in Blazer:

    More info about accessing Yahoo webmail on this page:

    Pretty cool, eh?
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    P.S. I believe the reason why you can't just automatically transfer your SIM phone numbers to the Palm OS Address Book is because there are a bunch of fields in the Address Book (First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, City, Email Address, etc). But there are only two on the SIM card (i.e. phone number and name assigned to it).

    Palm OS isn't psychic; it doesn't know which Palm OS Address Book field you want to assign the "name" field of a SIM entry to.

    For example, a SIM entry might be named "Cingular Tech Support." Treo doesn't know if you want to have an Address Book entry with the first name "Cingular" and the last name "Tech" and the company name "Support" ... or have the first name be "Cingular Tech" and the last name be "Support ... or have the whole first name be "Cingular Tech Support" ... you get the idea.

    It's all well and good if you name your SIM entries in a Firstname, Lastname format ... but all users don't do that, and i assume the Treo designers didn't want to have users transfer SIM entries willy-nilly that could totally screw up their ability to find the name in the Palm OS Addresss Book.

    Hmm. I just checked out Handspring's site. My conjecture was sorta confirmed:

    Be sure to check out that article -- if your SIM came from a Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson phone that has the ability to synch with a desktop computer ... there are ways you can get your data onto the Treo using synchronization software.
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    Getting Hotmail thru the Blazer browser: it's "iffy" because MSN/Microsoft/Hotmail are jerks. They purposefully use an authentication method that blocks the Palm OS platform. So you can't access it through the normal means with Blazer.

    In the past, I have entered this URL into Blazer to get WAP access to Hotmail, but when I tried it just now, I got a webpage that said "The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect." So it's possible that MSN/Microsoft/Hotmail got wind of this workaround, and, like the jerks they are, turned off that method of access.

    (I am completely unapologetic about calling MSN/Microsoft/Hotmail jerks. They are jerks. They block Palm OS access through Blazer to Hotmail. How jerk-like.)

    Anyway, here's the ersatz workaround: enter this URL in Blazer ...

    (screenname = screen name without "")

    Signing off from Llama-land,
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    Originally posted by Bbonnn
    Palm OS isn't psychic; it doesn't know which Palm OS Address Book field you want to assign the "name" field of a SIM entry to.
    I am sure they could have designed it so that one could choose out of two basic options. First Name - Last Name or Last NAme - Frirst Name.

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