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    I thought I was being slick this weekend when I pulled out my treo 300 with 3G and tried to look up a map to an address on mappoint and mapquest. I failed. I couldn't find a map website to get driving directions, I thought this would be a no brainer use for the "wireless web". Any tips?

    Also, I practically never use the internet on the go, what URLs have you people found useful?
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    mapquest, used from the pc, supposedly allows you to save your map in pda format, which is ok if you know you are going somewhere beforehand. i have also seen some mapping software in the stores but can't imagine it being much use on the treo with its limited memory.
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    A few good PDA-friendly websites are:

    If you look around in there, you'll find a link to mapquest.
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    Another good choice for maps is Avantgo's links to Mapquest and MapBlast. Both work well using the wireless version of Avantgo.
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    For mapquest, I just use in the Treo browser. It works great.

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