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    Is something available that will allow me to force my Treo300 to stay powered ON while in the cradle?

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    I've heard of this one:

    But can't vouch for it, never used it. Thoughts?
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    So far this little add-on is working properly, doing exactly what I requested.

    In cradle: stays on
    Removed from cradle: turns off according to system preference settings.

    Thanks Bbonnn.
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    I have inadvertently burnt quite a few minutes of CSD time on a Treo 180 using this hack. If the unit does not power off then the automatic connection drop does not occur in Blazer. You may go to lunch and your unit is Blazing away.

    This is not a problem on packet networks per se but if the page happens to have a refresh tag to update advertisments then Blazer may be sending data back and forth at your cost without you intending it to.

    I still really like OnCradleOn and similar apps but I am wary of leaving Blazer as the active app when I leave my unit in the cradle.
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    Excellent point Poryphyron!!! I would not have known what hit me -- thanks for the heads-up ... my wallet appreciates it!


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