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    Are there any modems available for the Treo? No, I do not want to plug it through a cell phone and pay those type of charges, but would like to plug into MSN/Hotmail while on the road and use email.

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    Psion makes an 56K infrared modem ( I haven't tried it with the 90, (as a friend has it) but it worked well with his Visor Deluxe. He even took it to France and was able to get his email there. I think it runs $125.

    TopGunPostman is freeware that connects the native palm email app with a modem. I don't know if it works with OS 4.1. Worked well with the ThinModemPlus and my Edge.
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    I agree with the original post -- the one thing I miss from my old Palm V is the modem. I used to check and answer email on trips with the thing, and the Treo's keyboard would make that even easier.


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