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    I am not sure if this belongs on the springboard forum or this forum. I was just looking through some of my modules, and I realized that they all have different versions of file mover on them. I have downloaded all the various updates and such, but in some cases modules from the same company have different versions. Is there anyway to get the most up to date version on all my modules? Does it even matter? The modules I have (with the version numbers)

    Targus Handcam (don't know the version number, don't have it with me)
    Wintec 8MB backup/flash - version 1.4
    Springport modem - version 1.2
    Innogear minijam (don't know the version number, don't have it with me, but it is not the same as the 2V)
    Innogear 2V - version 2.0 (special innogear file mover?)

    It may not really matter at all, I was just sort of wondering.
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    You need to check with the manufacturers of the product. There is a no direct way to upgrade file mover except with the installer that the manufacturer has.

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