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    fasuin, I was referring the problems with MaTreo upgrading and garbage chars in options panel. about the Prism+Visor, read the following:

    let me say, I'd like to let MaTreo be compatible with other devices, but consider I don't have a Prism + VisorPhone and there are no emulators which emulates wireless connections (with Handspring SDK).
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    ops... I was just hoping you find out the meaning of that error message... and fixed it
    May be next time.
    Thanks anyway, I'll use Matreo with the wireless info disabled.
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    Yeah, will this awesome app work with the Treo 300???

    Thanks in advanced,


    Originally posted by Bryan Nystrom
    I assume the Treo 300 is not fully supported? v1.2 will not see the wireless info even after a reset of the device.
    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []
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    Installed latest release of TreoButton first, then latest release
    of MaTreo on my 270. I can set TreoButton to invoke MaTreo
    fine on opening the lid and pressing the jog dial, but I can't
    seem to get the control panel to set the functions of MaTreo.
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    hey, just use the menu key, right of the space bar!
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    Works like a charm.
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    And is it a popup or a standalone application?
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