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    Is there a way to set an alarm for To Do's, or do I have to set them up as Appointments?
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    You can do this via the freebie (and stellar) DiddleBug program:
    which includes optional plug-ins, such as for the native ToDo app:

    I've noticed only 4 differences between this program and the commercial BugMe app:
    1) BugMe caused a few Fatal Resets. DiddleBug never has.
    2) BugMe has color; DiddleBug is black and white.
    3) BugMe has an always-present ListView command on screen. With DiddleBug , you have to access the menu to get to that command.
    4) BugMe has optional stationery packages; DiddleBug does not.

    DiddleBug even has an optional calligraphy/italics thickness config [like BugMe], which makes for neater-looking handwriting [you can also attach a typed note if desired].
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    There are several options available if you want to add alarms to your To Do lists. As WebSter indicated, DiddleBug is a fine freeware option although it cannot actually be used within the To Do application itself.

    Another option is ToDo2. ToDo2 allows you to add alarms in the To Do list and is 100% compatable with the Palm OS To Do application. This is shareware and will cost $7.00 if you chose to keep it. Try out the trial option to ensure that it meets your needs. ToDo2 can be found at

    Finally, using alarms in the To Do list is a feature built into DateBook 5 which can be purchased at a variety of sites such as Handango and PalmGear.

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