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    Great news! Information from :

    Electricpocket released beta version of Ringo which supports Treo 300.
    You can download and try the beta here

    Over 1000 ringtones for Treo 300 (non-polyphonic) are avalibale at site -
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    I have no prior experience with Ringo, but I'd say that the sample ringtones sounded like crap - muddled, distorted, monophonic. I wouldn't pay 50c for this. JMHO.
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    ringo is a start but the polyphonic tones that come with the treo still make me want more... i'm sure some of the midi geniuses out there will have polyphonic ones soon.
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    Anyone try this yet? Results? Experiences?
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    i tried ringo. you can get it to work, and you can install tones. but they are not polyphonic and once you hear those (some of the ones that come with the treo are such) then the older one-note ones sound kind of pathetic.

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