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    My Treo 270 will not turn on with any way, and cannot do soft or hard reset!
    I tray all the steps of troubleshooting section.
    I plug in with AC adapter and turn on alone like I press the soft reset, but I lose all the data like I do hart reset.
    I backup again all my data...
    When battery is full I disconnect it, and I have the same problem again and again!
    I live it with AC adapter and the Handspring software only, bat I have the same situation.
    I thing this is a hardware problem, and is anyone else reproduce this?
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    I had the same problem.

    Nothing to be done except to have your device exchanged...
    This is a known battery failure.

    Make sure when you do the exchange that they give you a recent Treo with all the hardware bugs fixed (battery, screen backlight and more).
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    Received Date 10/06/2002
    Current Date 10/07/2002

    Your case number is
    Dear Mr. : Kapelas

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    If the Treo 270 is not older then 2 Weeks please go to your Dealer and
    change it for a working one.
    If the 2 Weeks are over, please call us to replace it for a working one.

    UK: +44-207-2940157

    Kind regards,

    Alen Mijatovic
    Handspring Customer Support
    Thank you to all for your time and suport.
    Stefanos .

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