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    I'm interested to learn if anyone is using the Treo 300 and a Mac. I can get the Mac to recognize the USB connection, but I cannot sync in either Mac OS 9.2 or in Mac OS X.

    I have attempted to reinstall the various releases of software, but... um, I must admit - it's a pretty decent pain in the neck.

    So, if anyone has any ideas regarding options I sohuld consider (using a PC isn't one of them), them please let me know...

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    I use Mac OSX/Jaguar and have no problems. I also use iSYNC beta so I don't have to deal with the Palm Desktop.

    I downloaded the new software from:

    FYI: Both the new Palm Dsktp 4.0 and isync beta were found on the TreoCentral site.

    I didn't buy the unit until this came out.
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    I got mine working on a powerbook g4 and a powermac g4, both running OS 10.1.5 with Mark/Space's The Missing Sync. Since everything is working, I haven't downloaded the new versions from Handspring.
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    I synch via the IR port on my PB G3 running 9.2.2.
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    Couldn't get it to work in 9.2 but works great in 10.1.5 with Missing Sync 3.0.
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    I synced with my new Imac (W/Jaguar) WITHOUT Missing Synch-- or Isynch. Just the new Palm 4.0 software and everything worked great first try.
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    world3d - If you don't like using the Palm Desktop which I don't - try using iSync Beta which will sync iCal/Address Book to your Treo. It doesn't handle memo's/todo's (which I don't really use anyway). It works great.
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    I bought my Treo 300 on 10/8/02 and have spend the last two days trying to figure out if I could get it to work with Mac (as the sales people assured me) or if I'd have to return it. I spoke with 3 people at the Sprint Store, 2 Sprint people at the "Accessories Hotline", 2 in customer care, 2 in the "level 2 technical support" and 1 in web techincal support. All of them gave me conflicting information on whether or not I could use the treo with my Mac. Some said, yes, no problem, buy a USB cradle coverter (you don't need it), others said Sprint doesn't support their phones with Macs and don't sell any mac products or provide info on downloads and there is no way around it, others said they do but only in OS 9.2.2 or earlier, etc.

    In the end I spoke with an excellent tech guy at Handsprint and here is the deal. The new version of Palm Desktop for Mac 4.0 works for either O.S. 9.x or O.S. X and they've recently fixed the problems they were having (available as a download at, customer support, downloads )

    I was able to beam my address book from my Palm M105 to my Treo. (There is a settings called "Beam Category." I took my old user folder from my harddrive's palm folder (it had my name on it) and copied it to my desktop. Then I downloaded the software to OS 9.2.2 and it automatically searched for my old user preferences. Then with the USB cable they provided I did the hot sync. It all worked except my date book didn't transfer over. I'm not sure why. And if this is your first time with the palm software, just download it and hot sync.

    I am appalled by Sprint's lack of understanding about useage with the Mac. One customer care woman talked to her superviser and kept saying, "yes, you can use it with your Mac, it runs on Windows." And I told her repeatedly that windows was not a Mac operating system and she just said "yeah, yeah, it will work for you on your windows."
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    I totally understand what you are saying. have to admit: Sprint is not the only one(s) at fault here. How many times do you go into a store to buy a product that you spent 20-30 min. researching on the web, get there and know more about the product than any of the salesmen that are trying to sell it to you (even if they work on commission)? This has happened to me more times than I can count. Not saying that Sprint is off the hook, but hey, that's why we're all here, right!?

    I have to be really stumped to ever dial *2 on my phone. When that happens, I better have an hour or two to blow.

    My $.02 or $.03.....
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    Any of you using the Treo 300 on the Sprint Network as a wireless data modem for a Powerbook. Is it possible? Still trying to find the best Cellular solution to being able to dial out when no phone line is available. If that won't work, would it be possible to transfer a 1mb or so file from a Powerbook to the Treo and send the file as an email attachment? I often need to send digital photos from remote locations where there are no phone lines available.
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    You may want to look at Verizon's data offerings - you'd be paying through the nose if you go over your data allotment with Sprint. I was looking at them before Sprint offered the Treo.

    There was development on software that let the Treo act as a wireless modem, but I believe it was discontinued.
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