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    I'd like some way to have the sound "shut off" in the late evening and come back on in the morning. Unfortunately, Macroplay doesn't have macro options based on time. Is there a hack or other app anyone knows that will effectively do this?

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    What do you mean MacroPlay doesn't have macro options based on time? I used to enter my SIM pin number each morning with it automatically. Turning the sound on and off at a certain time should be possible with it. Could you specify your problem a little more? Maybe I can help...

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    you're right. i can do it with macroplay. my bad.

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    As an aside, the T-Mobile Hiptop (Danger HipTop) has settings for how you are alerted given the tiem of day and day of week. They really thought their software through for their market (read school kids).

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    There is also a hack, I used to use it with my Visor.. not yet with the treo, though. Put in a set of times and it'll turn the sound on or off. Forget the name though
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