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    I've tried to work with Claire every time that I call Sprint customer service. Really, I have. I think I've given here a fair chance. But she just won't listen to me. Her knowledge is limited, she goes off on long-winded tangents, and basically ignores what I say to her. She's usually unwilling to connect me to a supervisor, and puts me on hold for unreasoable amounts of time.

    I think Sprint should give here a decent severance package and ease her quietly out the door. COBRA would keep her healthy for 18 months, and by then I'm sure she'll find something else - maybe with one of the airlines. If they can't find a suitable flesh-and-blood replacement, they should try making an offer to Ramona over at Kurzweil (

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    i think they should fix claire up with microsoft BOB (remember him??) and let them live happily every after on an IBM PC Jr. with office clippit as a pet.
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    I agree. I end up screaming into the phone whenever I have to talk to Claire, since she rarely understands me. It's the same frustration that one can get when talking to someone that speaks English poorly.

    In addition to Claire, they should let most of the Sprint "customer service" staff go.
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    Bigotry! Just beacue Claire is machano you ogranics want her fired.
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    actually, i have nothing against the 'mechano'... in fact i'm kind of looking forward to the day when i can call up my 'ideal woman' in 3d, have her do whatever i want at the moment, then just use the 'off' button to save my place for later.

    it's just that claire really IS that bad...
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    Originally posted by bananaheim

    In addition to Claire, they should let most of the Sprint "customer service" staff go.
    Aww... c'mon. They're fundamentally decent people stuck in a bad situation. Besides, there are so few of them that it wouldn't make much difference on the bottom line anyway
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    Of course there IS the issue of YGWYPF

    You get what you pay for.
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    actually, i think the problem is with the 'you get what you paid for' thing... we paid a LOT for the treo 300 and the service sucks! of we got it free or for $50, then maybe we would not have anything to complain about...
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    If you want to speak to a real person at Sprint CS, then when Clair gives you her first menu list say "speak to human". She'll try one more stupid list, then say "speak to representative". After the obligatory long wait you get a person.
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    I do better. I ask her to take her clothes off .... I get immediuate xfer!
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    you have to say to claire


    and claire will connect you to a real person.

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