I got my Treo 300 yesterday. To my surprise, I haven't had any Vision related problems. It worked fine from the beginning. Even changed my user name without a problem. Here is the strange thing. I am having two problems.
1) Any incoming call displays as having "No Caller ID” information available even though I know that it should.
2) Voicemail doesn't work. If I call my Treo from a landline phone and ignore it so it goes to voicemail, I get a recording which repeats my Treo telephone number and says it is not a recognized number. Same thing if I call my voicemail from my Treo.

I called Sprint and they said that it could take up to 72 hours before that service kicks in on a new phone. I don't know if I believe them, but I am hopeful. For the voicemail issue, it is clearly a problem with their system and they aren't sure what is causing it. The Sprit person said they have had this issue with Treos before. Has anyone else heard of this? She wrote up a Trouble Ticket for me and told me someone would call me in 72 hours.

Does anyone have any thoughts?