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    Sorry for the newbie question, but how does one send an SMS with this device?


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    I don't use SMS myself, but as I understand it, outbound SMS messages cannot be sent from the native Treo 300. However, people have found alternate ways to work around this issue (e.g., web sms, third party apps).

    I'd recommend doing a search on "SMS" in the group and you'll find plenty of threads where this is discussed in detail with alternate solutions.
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    Check out the SMS application available from which patches the in-bound-only SMS application in the Treo 300 and makes it do outbound SMS and SMS-to-email also. It uses a gateway into the Sprint SMS system and works with any inter-carrier SMS gateways that Sprint have in place - i.e. you can send to Cingular, Verizon etc.
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    The SMS app from pdaapps works well. You should note that Sprint, in its infinite wisdom, slammed all new SMS servers in last weekend, and it has been down ever since. Don't count on trouble-free SMS service until at least Monday (Their promised fix date).
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    Thanks to all who helped. Treo300SMS is perfect.

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