I have a Palm Centro - it's almost 2 years old. Using Sprint for service.

I sync my Centro to my Windows Vista desktop using bluetooth. Never had any problems with sync.

At least once a month, I burn backup disks of all my important documents on my computer, including the PalmOS Desktop folder that contains all the backup and sync'd files for the Centro.

My Centro calendar had data / info in it that I imported from my previous Palm (Clie) OS PDA -- there was several years of dates and information that I'd imported, no problems.

Last month, I discovered that at some point toward the end of January, all my OLD data, dates and information is *GONE* from my Centro calendar (and my computer Palm Desktop / Access). I have no idea what happened to it. Everything that wasn't a "repeating date" (birthdays) is gone. It's only the calendar that's missing information (not Memos, etc.).

What I'm wondering is... is there a way to sync my backed up (burned-to-disk) Palm files to my Centro ... without losing the more current data in the calendar that I've entered since since I lost the old stuff?