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    Hello - Hi there !

    We are looking for betatesters for the new maxTEXT SMS-Dial- and Messaging-Agent
    in its Treo-Edition (270).

    Have a look at the standard features here:
    or on Palmgear or Handango.

    The current beta of the maxTEXT TE / Treo-Edition already dials out and sends SMS upto 1000 chars in various ways. If you are interested in testing the current beta and like to help us stress testing the newest versions - please let us know via writing a short email to


    Any help info and comment is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support !

    Markus Schneider

    PS / FYI:
    Downloads on URLs above are the Standard Version 1.25x, not the Treo Edition beta -
    you will get the maxTEXT TE ( = Treo Edition ) beta version when contacting us by email.
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    Sign me up! I would love to try it out...
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    I have installed maxTEXT_TE_125 beta 02:-

    - System Crash first time I tried to use the Dialer.

    - I can not select the Receipent from the Built-in Address Book to send the SMS and I have to write the number manualy.

    - I got an error when I try to send SMS (No Port Found).

    Best regards,,,
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    If you are a beta tester, you should direct your problems to the developer. Do not brag here that you have found some errors with a program that is under development. I did not have any of the problems mentioned, so perhaps you should check your Treo for other problems.
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    I already sent a copy of my comments to the developer, but I want to share my experience with all other members... And I think this is the goal of this Forum and other kind of Forums !!!!!!

    Anyway thanks a lot,,,,
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    Hi !

    maxTEXT TE for Treo 270 - the Treo Edition (TE) -

    we included the current build to our Palmgear-Distribution-Pack.

    So test try + have fun !

    For feedback please respond by email only to - any info comment and feedback is highly appreciated.

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