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    For some reason, I'm getting multiples of the same email when I sync the Treo and my Inbox . I'm using Outlook here at work, and whether I sync via the cradle or wirelessly, some BUT NOT ALL of my email will appear multilple times (sometime twice, sometime as many as 5 duplicates) in the Inbox in Biz connect on the Treo.
    If I just delete one instance of those email on the Treo, the next time I do a sync (again whether wireless or via the cradle), the email will be removed from the Inbox in my Outlook on the desktop. Any idea? Help!!
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    I had duplicates for the first time this morning. Left my Treo on overnight (syncing wirelessly every 30 minutes to BizCon/work Outlook), and had the duplicates this morning. Unlike you, when I deleted the duplicates on the Treo, it didn't delete all of them in my Outlook inbox at work.

    I don't know what happened. I didn't change anything, and it hasn't happened before.

    Of course I'm blaming Sprint.
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    try this:
    Reset Mailbox

    Forces a resync, deletes stuff on your treo, resyncs with Outlook, eliminates dulicates. Blame Seven Networks they wrote it. I wish there was an alternative, but BC is quirky but works. Reset once in a while and it works pretty good. Let me know if this fixes it.

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