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    Hi there, I'm anxiously awaiting my new Treo. It should be delivered this afternoon, and after reading all the posts I'm somewhat tempted to send it right back! But...I'll give it a go to see how many problems I encounter.

    Question: I'm a current Sprint customer and obviously want to keep my phone number and transfer my service to the Treo. What advice can you all give for getting the phone up and running and dealing with Sprint to get service transfered. Any advice on this or any other startup issues would be appreciated.

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    Doug, I did exactly as you are trying to do going from the Samsung I300 to the Treo 300, and it went fine. I also had the added complication of having a shared minutes plan with my wife's 2G phone. Make sure you know what you want to have as a plan etc. Then when you talk to the Sprint PCS customer service rep, make sure that you get to the group that knows about 3G. The others seem to give canned answers that are incorrect or misleading.

    Good luck!

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