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    I've got a couple days left to decide whether or not to keep my Sprint Treo. I got customer service (after getting past Claire) to look up and tell me I've used almost 4 MB in less than 2 weeks. She confirmed that if I go over the 8 MB, I'll pay $20.48 per MB!! And the only alternative is to sign up for 20 MB. Is it just me or is the extra cost totally disproportionate? Imagine doubling your expected usage and paying $183.84 versus the expected $20!

    A Palmer
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    I know , I am on TREO 300 Forum .

    But that man do not know , what to do .

    1) Return the Treo

    2) Make sure you cancel your servise

    3) Go to T-Mobile store and ask them for the price on

    Pocket PC T-Mobil . They will give you $200 mail in rebate

    After all , you,ll pay only $300

    1 (Do not forget to buy 256 memory card to watch your

    DivX movies)

    2 (Do not forget to record the screams of your mother in low ,

    use them as a Ring Tone for your phone ... she,ll love it ! )

    3 Do not forget to share this as , how else you can use

    Wave files on your phone ...
    Hard to choose between
    Treo 300 and Toshiba 2032
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    That is more tempting than you know....


    Loving my treo, but counting the days until my contract with Sprint is up.... 59...58...57...56.....
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Hello, Mr. Sprint. Switching to a Pocket PC is not an option! If I return the Treo, I'll wait for either the Kyocera 7135 or the Treo on Verizon. I was hoping for someone with knowledge on Sprint's data plans to chime in. Maybe someone from Sprint...
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    It is my guess that in Novermber or shorty after, the Vision pricing plans will change. Hopefully for the good of us consumers. Selling data by the meg is new, for most phone companies. Its my guess that the data collected on our MB usage during this "free" time will be very useful in shapeing new pricing plans. The 2, 8, and 20 MB plans are a pure guess at what the consumer wants.
    And yes, I think its really stupid to put such a stiff penanty on going over your plans data limit. $20 a meg is like the rip of rates hotels charge for making long distance calls- just no need, and people will go elseware, like their cell phones.
    Are you reading this, Sprint marketing geeks?

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