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    Hi all,
    Has anyone been able to sync their Treo under Linux? I'd heard that the Treo line isn't supported by Linux USB drivers just yet, but that serial sync works fine. I'm about to go and buy a serial sync cable on eBay rather than waiting for Linux, but I'd like to know that it'll work.
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    I sink via USB in linux every couple of days... have so for a long time.

    I've done it w/ a Visor Dlx, Visor Edge, and treo 180 (currently). A vanilla install of RH 7.3 or any of the newer distro's should work fine.

    I use a program called J-pilot for a pim. KDE has their own... kpilot I think.
    You may have to make a sym-link from /dev/ttyUSB(*) to /dev/pilot.

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    I think the problem occurs with Treo models 90 and 300. The error I get is something like <a href="">this</a>. Apparently "they" are working on updating the driver, but I don't feel like waiting.
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    Okey doke, bought a serial sync cable, works fine under linux w/ jpilot, all is well...
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    The Treo 300 uses the same kind of USB driver as a Sony Clie - hence the reason why The Missing Sync works with Treo 300s. I dont work with Linux but this information may help someone figure out how to get USB HotSync working with the 300.

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