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    Yesterday I downloaded the trial version of Clock+ from Bitwareoz. I decided to be a good guy and pay to register it. After accepting my AMX card, which was billed through WordPay, Bitwareoz never sent me the registration code. I tried to contact them, but no response. I called WordPay, but they told me I had to contact Bitwareoz. I have e-mailed them both again this morning, but so far no response. I am posting this as a warning to others - be careful of purchasing any products from Bitwareoz....
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    Look on a recent AmEx statement, where you'll find the special address for bill disputes. Put the specifics in writing, and mail now so the related amount will not have to be paid when the next statement rolls around. Otherwise, you'll see a credit for it the following billing cycle. You might want to place, at the beginning of the letter:

    RE: AmEx Account # xxxxxx
    AccountHolder name: I.B. Me
    Amount in Dispute: $xx.xx
    Merchant Involved: S.O.B. Store
    Date of Merchant contact: xx/xx/2002

    Take it to the PO, and ask for a "Proof of Mailing" form. Keep and attach to the copy of the letter at home. If the reg code is sent later, return it, telling them the bill is in dispute. [Another reason to get the letter out to AmEx pronto; hopefully, your Proof of Mailing will pre-date notice of the reg code being sent. Keep that DATED reg-code notice as well, if it ever shows up].

    Finally, please do post to online sources which keep databases of such culprits, so others will be so advised. BTW, the [Federal Trade Commission] has a handy on-line complaint form. Bottom of their home page.
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    Hey, I really appreciate this.

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