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    Can anyone confirm from their bill that SMS messages are charged as data usage? I'm getting 20 or more per day for email notification and don't want a nasty surprise in the way of per-message charges like the old wireless web billing.

    Any insight appreciated!


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    I am sure that SMS is separately charged with Sprint PCS. I have 500 messages/month in my plan and are not supposed to come out of data.

    I think it's $.10/message for overage.

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    WIth Vision plans, SMS are data. I did not get charged extra for SMS. It is included in the 20 Mb of my service plan. They don't track messages on the web site if you have a vision service plan, either. On my last bill, there was no mention of data usage. It was all free (they are still figuring out how to bill it). There were no additional charges for SMS.

    If you still have an old 2G service plan then, yes, you will be billed per message.
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    Excellent, thanks!

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