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    Don't get me wrong. I love my Treo.

    Don't get me wrong ... I screwed some things up going from my Visor to my Treo.

    Mainly because I was working in OS X with my Visor, and had to go back to OS 9 for the Treo.

    I never could get missing sync to work with OS X and my Treo.

    I thought the new Handspring supported desktop would work but, no. It hangs on "mail". I don't even want mail. I can't seem to delete mail.

    I tried to install the Wireless Apps (even though I have no use for them) and the application fritzes out in OS 9. I even uninstalled and reinstalled.

    All I want is to be able to sync to iCal and have my wife do the same (with her Treo).

    Pipe dream? I can handle using iCal instead of Palm Desktop, but I'm then left with the issue of installing apps on the Treo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Works fine for me with OS 10.1.5 on a 450mHz G4 cube using the new Palm Desktop 4 that Handspring just released. I can sync okay as well as install new apps and files.

    Is your connection timing out? If so, have you tried plugging in your cable into a different port?
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    All the hours ... the installing, the un-installing ... the launching of Classic ... the rebooting in OS 9 .... the purchases of third-party software ... to think I never tried another port.

    I kept using the same port that the Visor so dutifully synced with.

    But that's what it was ... both Treo's synced perfectly without failure once I used a different port.

    Thanks for the quick and accurate response.

    On a side note, I woud strongly suggest upgrading to 10.2.1.

    I can also say that iCal, iSync and .mac are clearly worth $49. I'm not sure about $100 but ... you also get 100 4x6 Kodak's to use by the end of the year if you take alot of pictures that makes the deal even more valuable.

    If you have a mac at work, or more than one in the house they can all live off the same calendar, and the same address book. <stepping down from soapbox>

    Thanks again!
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    glad it worked out, lorax. i've found that i'm more likely to miss obvious solutions.

    and thanks for the tip on 10.2. being that my graphics card doesn't support quartz extreme (and it's not easy to upgrade internal components in a cube), i was going to hold off for a few minor upgrades. i'm waiting for fully-functional and more mature versions of iCal and iSync.
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    I can perform a sync with Mac OS 10.2.1, my Treo 90 and iSync one in ten or fifteen tries. It's totally hit and miss and extremely frustrating. I'm on the verge of dumping the Treo. I never had this problem with other Palm OS devices.
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    Are you using Missing Sync?

    I have zero problems iSync-ing
    Treo90, iPod,.Mac, iCal.

    OS X 10.2
    Missing Sync
    Palm Desktop X

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