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    Looks like I get to join the club- I woke up this morning to my Treo alarm as I have for the last week and a half since I got it from Handspring and when I turned it on to respond to the alarm dialog, the backlight shut off and won't come back on.

    I got my first unit replaced from Handspring because of the stylus issue. They shipped it overnight and I got it.

    I am going out of town tomorrow, so it figures the #!@$% backlight would die today when it is unlikely I can get a replacement in time.

    In case anyone is wondering, when the backlight dies, the unit still "works", but it is incredibly difficult to see the screen. Its not like a gameboy where you have to hold at an angle but at some angles in some lighting conditions it is clear as a bell. not like that... You can make out a very faint image of the screen when the backlight dies.

    Oh well- I was very happy with the way they handled the stylus issue. I hope they do as well this time, but I'll be out of an organizer for the whole week I'm gone. I even ordered an IR-capable phone so I could get my email while I'm gone. That will arrive today, no doubt. :-/
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    Step 1: Spoke with handspring. Only took a couple of minutes to explain the situation and they are scheduling a replacement. Quoted 2 business days, but maybe it will ship today because its still early.

    Spent an hour or so looking at "backup plan PDAs" on ebay...
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    New Treo arrived this morning. Handspring *may* be having quality control problems, but the support I've been getting absolutely rocks!

    I can't tell if this screen is brighter than my old one was, because the old one doesn't work any more, but I get the idea it may be a little more 'white' than before.

    Anyone gotten the mythical better screen and had it subsequently fail?
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    The whiter brighter screen failed for me within 6 days.

    My replacement for that replacement has a dimmer screen (and the stylus problem). I convinced myself that the dimmer screen was easier on my eyes for night use.
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    After about 11 more weeks, my replacement unit just lost the backlight. The stylus issue hasn't cropped up though.
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    It certainly doesn't make me feel good to hear stories of replacements failing... Makes me wonder if selling the unit while it is working on ebay isn't a bad idea.

    Trouble is, I don't know what I'd replace it with.

    I was going to get something for my vacation when it didn't look like I'd get my replacement from handspring (I did... they are at least trying real hard). I like the 16MB and that significantly limits what you can buy for not a lot of money.

    Heres the spec: $225 or less, used OK. 8MB or more, color screen. As thin or thinner than the Treo 90...

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