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    I just got my 64mb SD Card today and I'm working with it trying to figure out the optimum use of it.

    I'd originally intended to shuffle off all the infocom-style games for frobnitz and go from there, but I find the more files are in the /palm/launcher/ directory in SD, the slower Launcher III gets at 'scanning' when you fire it up.

    Obviously, one can't tolerate more than a momentary pause when trying to launch an application so I'm now balancing the size of the files with the quantity in SD, but I'm a little disappointed.

    I ended up moving my frobnitz files to a different directory and will use MSMOUNT to mount it when I want to play them, but the whole handling of the SD card seems a little funny to me I understand that its more like a disk drive than memory, and not all things work with it (without MSMount). I guess thats all there is to know. Would be nice if msmount could mount different directories for different programs...

    Anyone have any comments on the matter?
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    You can disable the automatic refresh in launcherIII. Go to LauncherIII preferences and uncheck automatic refresh. That way it only scans when you manually request it. Hope this helps.
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    I have to admit, being new to the Palm platform (from PPC), that I was somewhat discouraged with the access provided in the palm interface to the SD card. Well, with the purchase of Launcher III my needs for seemless access to the SD cart have been met.

    If you are using a SD card, this is the easiest way I have found to have access to the programs on the card.

    Thanks again for the heads up..... (and the manual refresh setting).


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