Lemme hear from you!

1. Speak up if you have been able to configure Biz Conn personal edition to connect to your PCS Mail and connect to your Sprint mailbox and forward messages successfully to your Treo?

2. I wanna know if you got your ATTBI pop email forwarding correctly to your Treo using the biz connection client, while ALSO getting your exchange mail?

3. Can you help me out? I have been through all the threads and tried to search through all the documentation, and I could really use a hand.

My environment is:
A) PC running Biz ConnPersonal edition inside my company, always on, always connected
B) Exchange email pulled into BizConn correctly and working great using Biz Conn client on a Treo 300
C) ATTBI email pulled into BizConn correctly from the "personal email" "other POP" configuration, but ATTBI email not coming out to the Treo