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    Is there a Citrix/Terminal Server Client for the Treo/Palm?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ '$screen$ $scrape$' $type$ $of$ $client$ $available$ $for$ $Palm$ $is$ $PalmVNC$. $I$'$ve$ $been$ $using$ $it$ $for$ $several$ $months$ $now$, $and$ $it$'$s$ $reasonable$. $The$ $main$ $problem$ $is$ $the$ $amount$ $of$ $scrolling$ $due$ $to$ $the$ $limited$ $resolution$.

    You can get PalmVNC here and it's FREE.
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    I use VNC at work. What do you do about the lack or security?
    Paul Upton
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    Since VNC has weak authentication and no encryption, I use the Movian Palm VPN client to establish a secure tunnel from my Treo to our network.

    This in conjunction with assigning a password to all the servers running VNC is acceptable for us currently.
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    Can you create a VPN connection over a GPRS connection or is it dial up only?
    Paul Upton
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    Yes. You can use VPN over GPRS depending on how your GPRS service is provisioned. If you're using T-Mobile, ask them to sign you up for the 'T-Mobile VPN' plan instead of 'T-Mobile Internet.'

    The difference being that the VPN plan gives your Treo a public IP address outside their firewall. The Internet plan gives you a private IP inside their firewall, which won't work with any VPN connections.

    As long as you have that, it will work.
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    I have read that the folks at Citrix hae never released a client for the PalmOS because of the screen resolution. Now that OS 5 has built in VPN and a higher resolution screen, I hope that they will be changing their tune.
    Maybe we should Email them and see if something is in the works? Palm VNC works great, so it must be possible to do...
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