Hello All,

I just thought I'd take a moment and put down a couple of thoughts now that I've had my 90 for a few weeks...

I. The first unit's screen died within 24 hours. Staples has a great exchange policy.

II. The second unit's screen is still going strong...at least it was this morning when I put it in the return box to Handspring due to a loose stylus. Handspring was fantastic to deal with. I called them Monday afternoon and the replacement unit arrived this morning at 8:20 a.m.! The stylus silo is MUCH tighter.

III. Purchased the Handspring case at CompUsa for 25 bucks. Okay case, didn't like having to remove the unit to sync. Ordered the CaseTechWorks flip (w/ belt clip) on Monday. Selected the APO shipping method (5 bucks) and it arrived today via Priority USPS. Much nicer case. Better feeling leather, better design. Worth the extra 10-15 bucks in my opinion.

IV. Purchased a 128 mb SD card at Costco (70 bucks). Nice! Using MSMOUNT, I have moved my BIG dBases to the card.

All in all, this is the perfect unit for me (so far). I am a Realtor and I carry the Multiple Listing Service DB on my device along with my proprietary Real Estate Contact Management program, and the keyboard is a Godsend.

Enough for now......Rich

p.s. Anyone want to buy the Handspring case? Contact me at rich@leggnet.com. 10 bucks + shipping......