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    OK, how do you delete programs you find you really don't need??
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    Depends on the app. Which one's you want to delete?
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    Well, I'm not sure how much memory they take up, but at this point I don't need:

    Photo Album (I have Pics to Go)

    Also, is there a way to determine how much memory is free?
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    First try the standard Delete option from the main launcher menu. This will delete the entire app and all related files. This is the cleanest way to do it. They're all in RAM so they should delete.
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    1) From the launcher, pull down the menu and go to Info.

    2) There are some other launchers (Launcher III/the still-in-beta Launcher X would be my choice) that will display the amount of free RAM on their home screen.
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    Got it. Thanks!
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    To find out free memory, just go to the standard launcher scxeen (blue button + House button), tap the menu (house) button. Choose the Info selection. The bar across the top tells you how much free memory you have. If the Size button is blue at the bottom you'll also see how big each program is.

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