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    I currently use the contact management tool 'ACT!' on the pc and sync it with my Treo. This process is 'lumpy' at best - ACT! and the Palm/OS apps don't understand each other perfectly, and the sync mistranslates fields, loses notes, etc... to the point where I'm pretty close to giving up altogether and going back to palm desktop. Except that ACT is really good at linking appointments with address entries - I can easily look at the history of what I've done with a particular contact, or schedule an appointment or phone call without having to reenter the contact's name.

    Does anyone make a software tool that more closely integrates the Palm Address book and Appointment calendar In an ideal world, what I'd like to do is go to a name in the address book, and through some hotkey or pulldown pop a calendar, click on the appropriate date/time, and have the appointment appear *with that person's name*. Conversely, I'd like to be able to look through the calendar, click on an appointment, and be transferred to the related address entry. When an appointment happens, that fact would be logged in the related address book entries 'notes' field.

    Any ideas for an add-on that would do this sort of thing?

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    You might consider looking at DateBk5 or Action Names. They both have similar features. I'm not sure what to recommend in order to have those links preserved through a Hotsync though...

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