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    Hasn't anybody else noticed that the newest version of JackFlash is compatible with the Treo 90 now??? I mean WOOHOO!! Things just keep getting better and better with this Treo of I can delete those stupids apps I don't use like Palm OS4 and the application launcher and...other things...

    P.S. Yes I do know that if you tried to delete those things you would be in serious trouble...I'm just kidding folks, and not that most of you wouldn't get it just by reading but I am sure that there will be one or two posts telling me I can't delete those programs.
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    what version of jack flash?
    i just tried jackflash light 2.6 and no luck!!

    by the way, if you delete those files, you'd be in trouble...
    I love my Treo 90.
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    lol. I see......
    brayder just made avalible JackFlash 2.7b1 lol.

    Download JackFlash
    I love my Treo 90.
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    Ok, so I shell out the cash to actually do something with JackFlash after testing Light to make sure it really works with my Treo, and now I can't get the full version of the beta!!! What the heck is the point of selling software and claiming you have a full version upgrade available, and then not giving it to those of us who slam down the $30 bucks.
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    OK, feel free to discard my previous rant. Brader's tech support guys got back to me about 10 minutes after I sent them an actual email rather than using their form on the web page, and I now am up and running with all my critical apps sitting in flash. Great job and a great product!!
    "Whoever said bigger isn't better...Lied!"
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    Does this work with the Treo 90? When I tried JackFlash light (2.7b1) it says 0k available to Jack Flash, 64k to JF Light, but says there isn't any room in flash.

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    For the ROM in treo 90, it is in fact fully used by the Palm OS already. If you note carefully, there is a procedue with a green circle flashing following the Palm Powered logo, after the hard reset... right?

    it is in fact, inflating some small Palm apps. (e.g., address book, datebook, Citytime, etc) from the compressed ROM file to the Treo 90 RAM. That's why we can easily delete the CityTime, or other apps just mentioned from the device (these apps. are really stored in ROM for Visor device). The deleted apps. will come back after you hard reset.

    So, it wont be suprised that Jackflash reported no space in ROM anymore.
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    JackSPrat will allow you to delete that compressed package from the ROM, allowing for expanded space (an additional 375k) in the flash. You will probably want to make sure you have a backup of your db files though, as add-on replacements do not auto-generate the DB files for programs such as datebook and address. Since I favor Agendus anyway, and have pibackup to make sure that my DB's are recoverable, I had no issue with making this jump.
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    sounds way too risky for me......deleting the whole ROM.
    what if say.....a hard reset?
    I love my Treo 90.
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    Originally posted by adderx99
    sounds way too risky for me......deleting the whole ROM.
    what if say.....a hard reset?
    If you will need to restore it, just use Treo 90 Updater 1.1 because what it does is reinstalls the OS including all applications.

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