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    i'm having trouble getting and recieving mail, (i'm not)
    i can't seem to connect. it will not connect to smtp. which i'm not sure i'm putting in correctly. anybody have good results with snappermail?
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    There is a new version out tonight, but I still cannot send mail with smtp authorization. No problem receiving, though.
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    I'm thinking about establishing a account, but before I do, I want to make sure I can send mail using snapper mail.

    On that note, has anyone been able to send e-mail with snapper mail (1.1.2b) using their mailshell's stmp?

    I know it's a specific question but this information would be useful to me.

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    I've plopped-down the $$ and purchased this software. Having tried them all, I think it holds the greatest promise -- here's why:

    -The developers are actively working (the key selling point for me)to add features that users are requesting -- especially for the Treo. In just 3-weeks time, they have released an upgrade that includes full Treo jog wheel support to CHECK and read mail w/lid CLOSED. Other Treo-centric features have also been added, like the signal/data indicator.

    -From the discussions on their Yahoo users group, it looks like auto-checking/scheduling (hopefully with an alert!), as well as filter support are just around the corner.

    -Many other, innovative, features -- like the way it handles some attachments. For example, I installed the latest version of the software -- WIRELESSLY -- from the attached .zip file they sent me in an email -- and it worked!!

    -All future releases included in one price

    PS: I do not work for, or have any affiliation whatsoever with the folks at SnapperMail.
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    Originally posted by mblank
    There is a new version out tonight, but I still cannot send mail with smtp authorization. No problem receiving, though.
    I was having the same problem. Try leaving both the smtp username and password fields blank. (they will then read "optional"). Works for me.....
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    I agree, that it holds the most promise. It's a great app, and the developers seem to actively respond to everything. They also have a feature list and timeline laid out beyond the current release, so we can see where it's going. It's a great app, if anyone hasn't tried it yet I whole heartedly recommend it. I didn't do the upgrade wirelessly but that's really cool! I can't wait for the next upgrade so I can give it a whirl!

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    Originally posted by paulsjmail
    On that note, has anyone been able to send e-mail with snapper mail (1.1.2b) using their mailshell's stmp?
    Yes, the newest version works with Mailshell SMTP authentication. Just sent an email this morning.
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    Just a quick caveat about SnapperMail... The current version crashes (requiring reset) if an SMS message arrives while you're viewing the inbox (or any other folder). I'm guessing they'll fix this one quickly; their support has been phenomenal and I highly recommend the product.
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    I too just purchased SnapperMail after trying M/S Mail, Eudora, Treo Mail and Mailer. SMTP authorization works fine with their latest beta. I've asked them to consider addding a dropdown list of the last few email addresses you sent to... saw this in Mailer.

    I especially like the iuseful nformation given during mail sending and receiving. Some of the other apps. show very cryptic / useless info.

    I've noticed "something" crashing when an SMS message comes in. Didn't know it was the mail app. Has anyone given them feedback on this?
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    I've also had the app crash my Treo when I received an SMS while still in the SnapperFish app. Even with that snafu, I still think this is the best mail program out there for those of us who want to pull e-mail instead of having it pushed. The handling of attachments in their native format really puts it over the edge for me . . . (that and the excellent development work being done to respond to bugs and feature requests). I'll be buying the lifetime upgrade version today.
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    Just wanted to verify what I presume to be the case, after having checked their web site - SnapperMail doesn't yet offer a desktop client that will redirect Exchange mail, right? I see that IMAP and conduit support are soon.

    I also don't see any ability to push e-mail - is that the case? I'm guessing from the posts below that they use SMS for mail alerts.

    Just curious about those two points - Exchange mail and push.
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    Mine connects, checks for messages but never downloads any, I know are there???

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