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    Just upgraded to the 300 and want to know which mail option works best (TreoMail, SBusConnection, etc). Can someone give me the scoop. I can access my companies outlook email thru a POP connection.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
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    Eudora if you have POP access to your corporate e-mail. Free!

    Not sure what other needs you have besides receiving/sending....attachments might be a b*&$@ with Eudora.

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    If you want free, Eudora is very good. You can access multiple POP accounts. If you're willing to spend a little (or trial first), try SnapperMail (from It has support for attachments in their native format, which for me is awesome. It's also easier to use than Eudora, supports POP before SMTP, which Eudora does not (and which I happen to need), utilizes the jogdial for many functions, and is just plain better.

    Still you should load Eudora until/unless you decide you want something else.

    Best of luck.
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    I've been using Corsoft Aileron. It's not free ($50 a year), but it supports multiple email addresses, completely secure (encrypts and decrypts), supports attachments less than 65KB, and works pretty well for me. And, you can set it to pull whenever you want automatically.
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    Athough only a Treo300 owner for 2 days -- I purchased SnapperMail and am very happy with it.

    ONE THING: It allows you to configure multiple accounts (good!), yet displays all the received mail lumped into a single list (bad!)... using SnapperMail is there a way to display email recived organized on a "per account" basis?
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    is there any way to IMAP? just curious.
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    Originally posted by mrstream
    is there any way to IMAP? just curious.
    Snapperfish, in their website says they will soon support IMAP. I think it is a good program, and I look forward to IMAP support, and when they fix the conflict with having it open with incoming SMS causing a soft reset.

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