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    I changed my Blazer home page without saving the URL to the default Sprint deck. Not that there was much there, but can someone tell me what that address was? Thanks.
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    Try putting kwd:sprint2 in the url field when you hit the orange folder on the bottom of your blazer app...see if that does it.
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    Yes, that worked thanks. Ooo ... lots of icons, little substance.
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    Not exactly on topic, but I've found it best to set the Blazer cache to 0. Otherwise, Blazer doesn't always update the ccurrent URL with current information. Most browsers have a refresh button for this - don't see that on Blazer.
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    Most browsers have a refresh button for this - don't see that on Blazer.
    Press the menu button, then the "R" key (for refresh).
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    oops... thanks. Got used to expecting access to all options by pressing at the top of the screen... can't see them in Browser unless you press Menu!
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    Refresh doesn't work in all cases. Seems that for some pages it is refreshing from the cache and not the site it came from. Very bothersome. I have not tried zero cache, but I can't believe I am getting much of a performnace bump from using it anyway. Any thoughts?
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    Agreed, the speed bump with Blazer appears to me to be the rendering, not the data connection.
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    Hey I know this is slightly ot but anybody every tried xiino? I hear its 128bit like Blazer 2.0 and does java pretty well.
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    Just run a search in this forum on Xiino ... there are dozens of earlier posts that discuss all aspects about this, and other browsers.
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    now that I'm on a desktop I will....thanks!

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