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    I'd like to obtain a spreadsheet program just to be able to input very small, simple spreadsheets. Compatibility with Excel is good so I can design the spreadsheets on the desktop.

    I looked at the available ones on handango and downloaded the TinySheet for a trial. The problem, and it seems with other ones, is the screen size. TinySheet doesn't seem to be able to fit the screen around the work area of the spreadsheet, i.e., no zoom capability. Too much screen space is used up by the column and row headings and the relatively large fonts.

    Can anyone recommend a spreadsheet program that is more adaptable to the screen size problem? That is, can zoom or otherwise manipulate the work area to better fit the screen. I'm thinking of things like tiny fonts, reducing the row and column headings, etc.

    Any opinions would be welcome.
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    I would recommend the whole suite from dataviz - DOC's To Go /IN Box To Go. That will allow you to work with Word, EXCEL and Power Point on the road and also manage e-mail.

    Forget about ZOOM options on your TREO, in order to use that feature which DOC's TO GO has you would need a High Res device such as the Sony Clie.

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