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    I'm on T-Mobile, and I'm almost never getting the SMS messages alerting me to new mail. SMS is working fine though. Anyone else have a similar problem?

    I'm also considering setting up Exchange to just SMS me when new email comes in as a forward - at least that way I can see who it's from before collecting.

    Anyone else try this?
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    OK - I spoke to handspring. Apparently, when you have your mail set on your treo to auto-check for mail, SMS messages don't get to the device. When you have your Treomail set to manual, than the SMS messages arrive. I tried this and yes it does work...

    Which raises another question. One of the good things about Treomail (and related SMS charges) is that it appears to send you an SMS alert when mail arrives, but your device doesn't seem to receive anymore of those alerts until after you pick up your mail. That's good for people like me who get a lot of mail and don't want to be getting SMS messages all day/night (not to mention the cost). But when I go to the treomail Web site, it says that the SMS messages are still being sent when new mail arrives, even if I haven't checked yet since the last SMS message was actually received. The phone a) doesn't seem to get the message (or there's no alert) since I haven't picked up since my last alert arrived and b) there's never any record of the treomail SMS messages in the SMS application.

    So - I am wondering whether those messages are being sent (at a cost) and the phone isn't telling me, or is treomail smart enough to know NOT to send more messages (and if that's the case, why does it say in the Web-based treomail settings that messages are being sent?)

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