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    I haven't been able to successfully sync Vindigo in over a week. Everything else works fine, no major configuration changes on desktops or VPL. Even tried reinstalling Vindigo, but no dice. The hotsync log shows that Vindigo completed successfully, but checking Vindigo reveals that it didn't update anything. Rather, it appears to have simply timed out.

    Launching the desktop VindigoLink app and running the test brings back the following error msg:

    Trying current settings...
    Error (5463): VindigoLink encountered an error reading from the server. Please try again later, or visit for more information.
    Failed to contact server.

    No connection found.

    Anyone else having similar problems? I've emailed Vindigo support, but let's just say that I'm not too confident I'll get a helpful response.

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    My bad, the problem is on my end, not Vindigo's. For some reason Vindigo no longer works with one of the user accounts in WinXP, but it works with the other one. So I guess I'll just create a "new me" and move all of my old docs over, reinstall the few apps that need to have fresh installs for each user, and eventually delete the old account. Kind of tedious, but not such a big deal.

    Still curious what happened, but it's probably not worth my effort to keep digging.
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    I get the same error message every time I try a wireless sync from my T600. It starts downloading the data then stops half-way through with the 5463 error. I checked out the vindigo help page, but none of the suggestions seem to work. I've already reinstalled vindigo a couple of times, but this problem still exists. The last time I tried it didn't sync, but it caused my Treo to reset. Now every time I try a wireless sync I get a soft reset. Is no one else experiencing this? Please help.
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    5463 error here also. Lets get more people to speak up in this forum, and forward the link to Vindigo tech support. They are not very responsive. Maybe in numbers they might be. All other internet programs access servers fine.
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    I too had the 5463 error when doing wireless sync. One of Vindigo's troubleshooting articles suggested it might be because of the volume of data trying to Sync. At the time I had 4 cities (NY, North Jersey, Westchester, Brooklyn). I deleted all but NYC and it worked fine, without a 5463 error.

    So it would appear that there's some limit being reached either on the Vindigo server or by my provider (Sprint Vision).
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    Spoke to fast. Now I'm getting the 5436 error after only about 300 kb of data transfer - most likely a problem with the Vindigo server.

    On top of which, the wireless sync app now crashes when I tap the "done" button.
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    bump - same error here
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    Let's pump up the volume in this thread. If we get more people confirming the problem, and responding to this thread, I will forward the link to the support folks at Vindigo. I guess it would also be helpful knowing what carriers we all are trying to do a the wireless sync on.

    It aggravates me that I am paying for a subscription, to a service that I can't get updates on because the servers can't handle the capacity.

    This service is promoted by Sprint, and that is the provider that I am using.
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    I agree. This is BS
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    From Vindigo Tech support:

    this problem is definitely related to the amount of memory that you're trying to sync. For example, when you had four cities syncing, you encountered the problem. When you cut down to one you stopped receiving a problem. You said in your posting that you were syncing 300 K, but you're syncing 10 times that amount. You're currently trying to sync 3215 K.

    The problem isn't our server's ability to handle a longer connection. I should clarify that it is true that with a desktop sync you can sometimes encounter problems if you try to sync more than say five cities. But syncing two cities via a desktop connection shouldn't cause a problem. Really, it shouldn't cause a problem via a wireless sync either. When I sync wirelessly with a Treo I don't have a problem.

    However, if you push your selections down to one city and you still have a problem, let me know and I'll be happy to investigate this further. What that means is that I'll sync as you with your username on a test Treo with the same channel selections that you have and also using a Sprint connection.

    So, let me know if you still have a problem after reducing your city size. Thanks, I'll look forward to hearing back from you.
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    This comment was lost when the forum servers were just reset. I have only one city that I sync (Buffalo, NY, not a lot of info). I would love to email the tech that contacted you from Vindigo. I drop during wireless syncs on my Treo, all the time. In particular when you would guess that Vindigo server traffic would be heavy. All other programs that I Sync with servers works fine.

    If you could provide the email info for the Vindigo tech that would be great, and I will email him, and provide a link for this forum.

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    I also have this problem.

    THe issue is that if I am traveling to a city, I would want to get all the info for that city. It does not work wirelessly.
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    Ditto...I thougt that's what wireless sync was supposed to accomplish. Much of the data is updated every 3-4 days. If one is away from home for longer periods than that w/out a pc, what good is the wireless sync feature?
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    The only email address I have is the general one for Vindigo Support -

    My incident number is 040802-000066, "Wireless Sync on my Sprint Treo 600 fails after about 20%, and gives error 5436"
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    While you guys are at it, could you also convince the guys at Vindigo that they should support the SD card. It would be nice to put 4 or 5 cities on the card. Right now, I hardly have enough room for 1 city with Food listings only.

    The last time I inquired about this, Vindigo said there's no customer demand for SD card support. I find that hard to believe.

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