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    I have been receiving messages from my Outlook Exchange Server with no problem. But recently, any message I create or forward does not get sent. Also the file attachments won't show past the root directory. Any help!!!!!
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    Try this:

    Account Settings
    tap Re-Register button

    It will blow away your bizconn data on your handheld, so make sure you sync and changes.

    I had a problem where it wouldn't send anything because it didn;t know my email address?!? And re-registering fixed it. I also have to Reset Mailbox about once every two weeks.
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    Solution worked perfectly. EVen though it takes a while and does blow away all of the current data, the re-sync restores like new.

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    I love the biz connection... however, every morning when I look at my Palm, it has crashed & needs a soft reset. I suspect biz connection since it didn't happen before & it is the only software that should be running at night. Anyone else have this problem? Even better, how about a solution?

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