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    Is there an updated version of the SMS software which comes with the Treo 270? When receiving SMS messages from certain models of Nokia hp's the message comes across asaaaa gibberish graphical characters. This appears to only happen with certain models of Nokia hp. I know the message coming across is straight text and not a MMS/Multimedia message so I'm at a loss as to why I get a message that I can't read.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Nokia handphones uses a different notation(characters or fonts)unique to itself. An SMS sent from a different brand of a mobile phone to a Nokia mobile phone or vice versa may not accurately display the message on either phones. This is why when you receive a text message or a graphics message(a picture drawn out of Nokia fonts and characters), it displays incorrectly. I don't think Handspring will be coming out with a new SMS software that can correct this.
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    What Busted Treo says is not correct. If you send a pure text message from any mobile phone to any mobile phone, you will never have trouble reading it.
    Troubles come, as Busted Treo says in the last part, when you send drawings, or other such stuff.
    Are you sure you are experiencing this problem with pure text messages?!?
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    I stand corrected Sirox..but I did not say it will not display at all, I just said it will not display accurately.
    Example, try sending a message from a Nokia using the notations "u" or "o" with the two dots or a slash on top or the Beta sign and send it to our Treo and it will not display exactly as seen in the Nokia. The younger generation here in our country uses this notations to make their SMS or as I said make drawings using fonts and characters. But Sirox is right it will still be readable.
    Sorry we forgot to answer your question properly, if it is gibberish, maybe someone sent you either a picture message with a text input, a blinking SMS(flashing text).
    When I was still using my VisorPrismVisorphone combo, I even get Fatal errors when I receive a blinking SMS...I think I experienced that only once on my Treo.
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    Thanks for the input but I'm confused as the person sending me the messages indicated that the sms message is coming from a Nokia handphone and it was straight text, no graphics, no blinking text, nothing but simple text so why can't I read the message? It's happened with two different Nokia models but as far as I can tell it never happens with Ericson, Motorola or any other brand.

    Is there a way to disable the internal SMS software and use a 3rd party application that works better?
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    Perhaps the issue you guys are seeing is an MMS encoded message being sent by the Nokia to the Treo. MMS messages are encoded differently and as MMS is not yet in widespread use this could be the issue.

    SMS messages are encoded slightly differently worldwide but this is not generally a problem unless someone in China send you an SMS - there are double-byte encodings in some languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc
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    As far as I know the messages being sent to me are straight text. The extent of the graphical characters varies between messages but the most recent message was fairly easy to make out, it said:


    An asterick was inserted between each character. Not sure if this helps solve the puzzle.
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    [QUOTE] It's happened with two different Nokia models but as far as I can tell it never happens with Ericson, Motorola or any other brand.[QUOTE]

    Can you please tell me what these two Nokia models are? I will try to reproduce your error on my phone.
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    Everytime I get a voicemail message notification from my network operator, I get gibberish characters.

    On the other hand, I do not have any problem with any other SMS, regardless of the device it was written on (friends and colleagues use Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Alcatel, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Sagem... just name them!).

    I have the feeling that the problem comes mostly from the way the message is sent (i.e. from a computer - as with the voicemail notification message - vs. from a mobile device).
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    Nokia uses a proprietary standard for certain messages. The standard is called Smart Messaging, and it is used to get SMS's to flash, sending of pictures, or lock certain keys temporarily etc. No other phones than Nokia's have Smart Messaging as far as I know.

    You can learn more about it here:,35452,1_2_5,00.html


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