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    I've read a lot of posts over the past week about problems folks were having with the new cables for the 90 to connect with cell phones. I have a Motorola V60 phone and when I got my cable it only took a few minutes to get a good connection.

    Well, I installed the upgrade and the upgraded upgraded (to add mail and expense back in) and now, for the life of me, I cannot get this thing to work. I anyone else experiencing this type of problem? I'm thinking that there might be a problem with the upgrade.


    thanks -- dave
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    Well - problem fixed. It's not the updater but rather the settings on the Treo. This cable works fine, but, the setting are very touchy and the info / guide, etc. / support from supplynet has not been helpful.

    For those of you with a Treo 90 and a Motorola V60 -- here's the settings:

    - Use the cable to modem phone connection, set at 19,200 with flow control off.

    that's it
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    All right, one more thing -- you have got to turn afterburner off if you have it.
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    Thanks for the tip - am now connecting - was ready to throw in the towel.
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    I ordered a SupplyNet cable as soon as I got my Treo 90 in June...of course I didn't get my cable until late September. I spent hours trying to get it to work, with no luck. I talked to SupplyNet techical support, Handspring TS and Earthlink. No help. I finally gave up, wrote a letter to supplynet and sent it back. I got a note from them last week that it was defective. It's funny that when I talked to them on the phone, they never mentioned that they were having a problem with the "early" developed cables. Thanks to all you guys that brought that to my attention. This message board is how I found out that I wasn't alone in the backlight problem......Handspring failed to mention that the backlight problem was a "common" problem when I called them about a matter of fact they charged me $25.00 to send a replacement. After looking at all the messages here I called and got my $$ back. Thanks for all your help. Hopefully my replacement cable with be a good one.
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    I guess its who answers the phone. My cable was defective - I called about three weeks ago - they acknowledged they had a problem and sent me a new one.

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