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    Fellow Sprint users,

    Today I wanted to upgrade my usage plan to more minutes. I found out every time you change your plan you are locked into another 1 or 2 year contract from the date you make the change. This includes if you ever want to upgrade your data allocation as well.

    Cingular, Verizon, Tmobile and most other providers do not have this policy. I would’ve never agreed to signing a contract with Sprint if I knew this were the case.

    I am going to file a formal complaint (see below) with Antonio Castañon, Sprint’s VP of Customer Solutions. I need the support of everyone who does not agree with this policy to post a reply here stating such. It can be a simple “I do not agree with the usage change policy to include another contract term” or however long you feel necessary to voice your opinion.

    Let’s have Sprint hear the power of its customers. Thanks.

    The following is a copy of the complaint letter I will send:

    Mr. Castañon,

    This letter is a formal complaint from [X number] Sprint customers. Please see the attached correspondence.

    We have recently discovered that if changing a Sprint usage plan for any reason, the customer is penalized with an additional year or two year contract from the date of that change. This includes any increase or decrease to voice minutes or data amounts.

    This type of service is unheard of and insulting to your clients. Especially with all the Vision problems we have been experiencing since its release. Cingular, Tmobile, Verizon and most other providers do not have this ridiculous policy.

    We hereby request you change the policy. If this policy is not waived, we will ensure, through the power of communications over the Internet, that potential customers are clearly aware of this policy before they make the decision to purchase your service. Plus, we cannot be certain how many of us will continue service with SprintPCS when our contract term is up.

    Please send your response to [X address].

    Thank you.

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    I don't think that is true. I have changed plans numerous times without having to extend my contract. If you call someone else at sprint, you will probably get a different answer. Usually the new contract kicks in when you want a new phone or some type of discount.

    Also, I know that with some of the new 3g plans, if you switch from an existing 2g plan, force you to sign a 2 year agreement.

    This probably doesn't help, but thought my experience might be helpful.


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    Actualy, it has always been their policy to make you accept another contract when changing plans. It was the way thy did away with first incoming minute free, and more recently how they made nghts start at 9pm ratehr than 8 (you agree to the new terms when you start a new contractual period). I should also mention that the same thing took place when I changed plans on Verizon, so your indignation aside, writing to Sprint about a policy which is standard throughout the industry does not stike me as likey to be productive or successful.
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    I know that a number of years ago Bell Atlantic Mobile (now Verizon) did the same thing to me. I was informed I could change my plan once without resetting my contract, but subsequent changes would start the calendar over. I don't know if they still do that.

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    This has been Sprints policy for some time. Because you did not ask up front about the possibility of changing plans, is that Sprints fault? If you are not sure about the plan you need or want you have the option to pay $10.00 more a month until you understand your needs without being locked into to a plan. Then you can change at will.

    As far as your "Poll", stop it. This will get you about as far as calling Claire a Bi*** while calling cutomer service. Deaf dumb ears at Sprint... My 2 cents!
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    SUCKS ...
    Hard to choose between
    Treo 300 and Toshiba 2032
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    If you ever feel like your not getting good service from Sprint and Customer Service just isn’t doing it for you, here is the dude you need to talk to:

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000. He is the President of Sprint.

    More than likely you will end up talking to his assistant Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236.

    No harm in going right to the top.

    Richard actually took my call and helped rectify a bill customer service was giving me no help with.

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    Unless this is really new, this isn't true. I changed my old plan multiple times without signing a new contract. I moved to the vision plan (and signed a new contract), and have since already changed my plan once without having to agree to anything. When I asked if I could change it whenever I wanted, they said I would, with no penalties and no new contract.

    Now changing to _certain_ special offer plans has required signing a new contract. In the past, when I've inquired about one of those, they simply told me it needed a new contract and I said no (and didn't get the plan). For normal plan changes to normally offered plans, I could do it at any time.

    Either there's a communications break somewhere, or they've changed their policies. I doubt they can have a contract which automatically re-sets without you "signing" (they did it verbally to me, recording it) again, so you should know if they're going to do it when you try to change plans -- but that could be wrong.

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    I'd rather have rollover minutes like Cingular than worrying about renewing a contract. That and data between phones can be shared as well....

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    After reading through these posts, I decided to call Sprint again. This person said that I DO NOT start a new contract when I make changes to my plan and didn’t know why the other person told me so. I also confirmed it with that manager on duty.

    All-in-all, I was misinformed by a representative. The letter should now read “Educate your customer service team on the correct policies.”

    Thanks for all the replies! But you can disregard this post.

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