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    Checking out the (allegedly) New Palm Communicator and have to say. Looks like a Treo prototype!

    Do I like it? If the source of this info is correct, Yes and No:

    Yes - SD/MMC slot
    Yes - HiRes screen
    Yes - GPRS (pre-loaded)
    Yes - pre-loaded with DocsToGo

    No - OS4.1 (why not OS5)
    No - No built in speaker ?&%$ (headset only!)

    I will stick to my Treo. Just like the fact I can hold it up to my ear and use it like a phone
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    I like the Treo form factor much better. I hope the next Treo will be OS5.

    OS5 will be a godsend. Our testing has shown OS3.5-4.1 is only good for Internet speeds of around 20kps, and in most cases much much less.

    I'd like to see a Bluetooth head piece work with these new PalmOS phones. It gets around the problem of PDA input/usage during a phone call.

    Will Lau

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    I think its too big.. and the lack of a speaker on the unit is a non-starter for me. I think nthe next gen Treos will have the other features..perhaps with OS 5.
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    What a pig!
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    Every time I see a phone-enabled PDA without an internal speaker, I have to wonder what planet the designers came from. Picture it... you've stuffed your PDA/Phone into your pocket. The thing starts ringing. You:

    - Haul out your handsfree headset
    - Hastily place it on your ear
    - Fumble for the plug
    - Haul the PDA out of your pocket
    - Plug in the headset
    - Hit the answer button, and get nothing, because the call has gone to voicemail by now.

    OK, you could, I suppose, wear the headset all the time, plugged in to the PDA, which you'll be wearing on your belt. Well, YOU could; I won't. No headset I've seen is comfortable enough to wear all the time, the cable gets in the way, and I wouldn't be caught in public looking like a refugee from a telemarketing call center anyhow.

    I won't buy a phone from Palm until they figure out the speaker.

    Oh, and have they thought about pockets? The article says it has a flip-cover, but isn't specific. The thing looks quite a lot bulkier than a Treo (which I can succesfully fit into a pocket), but assuming I can manage it, what's going to happen when all those exposed buttons get randomly pushed?

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