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    I have the following problem. A few weeks ago I lost all data, and through support I found that some server upgrade had changed my Vision user ID from USER02 to USER01. Got the phone back online using the USER01 id. Have no idea what the password is.

    Now, I can not log on to the Vision side of manage and when I get in using my phone number the banner on the page clearly shows my ID as USER02. No Vision menus or options appear in manage.

    My phone bill shows both ID's.

    Has anyone had this problem and gotten it resolved? I'm asking before I call support as I usually get better answers here.
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    Yep, I've got 2 also....and I don't even have a Vision plan any longer. I took my Treo 300 back before the 2 weeks were up. TOO many problems, and Sprint service sucks. I predict they will go bust within 2 years. I will not use them every again. I think T-Mobile will emerge as a real player.

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