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    i just bought the treo 300 and have attempted to setup, get to sync point & get same error msg, have downloaded 4.01 and tried to install several times using 4.01, cd that came with, have followed instructions to the exact detail, sprint tech support walked me through any corrective steps to no avail and sync still giving me same error msgs... try to contact handspring but hold time forever.... can someone help with this? thanks
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    Did you download palm os4.1 and install it on your treo? If so I think that is a no no.

    i had trouple synching and worked on it for hours only to discover that I had a defective unit.

    Make sure only local usb is checked...
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    Thank you for responding, it turns out I had a defective unit, exchanged it and within 5 minutes I am up and running!!!

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