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    this is from handsprings website...

    "Q. Is Treo 300 Mac-compatible?
    A. Treo 300 is now compatible with Mac OS X and OS 9.x. Treo 300 customers can immediately download the necessary desktop software from our support site.

    ]Download here[/URL]

    So... 1st i downloaded the PalmDesktop 4.0 from the site, installed and nothing.
    Next, i contacted sprint.

    After 10 min, a live op came on, i described the situation, she said hold please for a tech.

    35 min later (treo's speakerphone is great... i'll admit it) another op... he says he'll surely get me a tech.

    40 min later, a tech who after some denials, suggested i contact handspring.

    i'm no bozo. i'd already done that. please enjoy a copy below...

    "Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    The Treo 300 is a Sprint product, for help syncing your Treo 300 please
    contact Sprint directly. Sprint's online support is available from

    To access Treo 300 specific support pages, log in at at the PCS website using your PCS
    Vision username or your PCS phone number. You may also wish to read Sprint's
    list of FAQs on PCS services and PCS Vision services."

    so... i haven't been able to hotsync this badboy yet.

    THEN... a few folks suggest that all i need is MISSING SYNC 3.0.

    coughed up the chips, installed and voila... NOTHING. NO HOTSYNC.

    any suggestions?

    i'm stumpified.

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    Neither handspring nor sprint will take the responsiblity to make this work.

    what's up with these punks?
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    Huh? What'd you buy Missing Sync for? That was necessary prior to Handspring's release of a Handspring-compatible Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac. All you should need to do install what you download from Handspring's site.... Try uninstalling Missing Sync...
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    Handspring will help you with the PD 4.0 and a Treo 300 but they may not be able to help you remove the tendrils of a MissingSync install on Mac OS X. Files get spammed all over the place with MissingSync and are not removed cleanly by the uninstaller.
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    I just received my treo 300 today... and I also cannot connect to PD 4 on osx -- not jaguar yet, but still doesn't work. Have you had any luck?
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    I was able to sync my old Palm V with PD 4 and Jaguar, but when I attempt a Hot Sync with my new Treo, it gets caught up and must be rebooted with no sign on activity on the powerbook. Unistalled PD4 and re-installed to no avail....
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    I was having problems, but reinstalled from this link:

    and now it seems to work fine! YEA!

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