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    I've been using VisorPhone for one year and recently switched to Treo. I must say I am VERY dissapointed with built-in SMS application.

    Here's my list of must-have features which SMS/Treo doesn't have today (and I hope that HS or some third party developer will read this)

    1. 'Saved' folder for messages, I have it on my VisorPhone but it's gone now

    2. Template for messages - so that you can have complete message including adress pre-prepared. It should be very useful for SMS payment (parking) usage.

    3. Delivery notification
    with general off/on and for particular message

    4. multi-adress SMS.
    also disapeared in Treo ???

    5. sending 'business cards' via SMS.
    very often people ask me for someones number. And I even can't copy the number from Adress book without editing that record ?

    6. customizable name lookup
    I don't like it displays both e-mail and mobile number. I often pick the wrong line and I send e-mail via SMS very rarely
    name lookup doesn't work consistent wtih adress book- it doesn't support FIRST_NAME+LAST name lookup.

    Few things have improved over Visorphone, but some features are even worse. Probably, SMS is not that popular in US like here in Europe and HS development did't pay too much attention.
    Bottom line, this is under-engeneered piece of software.
    And I belive it can be imporved without too much effort.

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    I have been waiting for any SMS application for more than 6 months now.... I do not know why it is veyr late till now!!!!!!

    When we are going to have an SMS application support Treo??? When!!!!!!

    Edited just to add some angry faces....:
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    I agree, there are lots of very advanced Palm SMS applications that work through IR or serial connections, is it that difficult to switch to the native GSM wireless modem of the Treo?
    Are we missing something here?
    Developers please respond!
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    I agree what you guys are saying. Just as what I had posted previously enquiring about any security screen before reading the SMS, no one knows. I found I am losing my privacy when I left my TREO elsewhere........
    It should be like mobile phones, having a Message Delivery Notice first and enable password for checking SMS etc.......

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    Originally posted by kresom
    5. sending 'business cards' via SMS.
    very often people ask me for someones number. And I even can't copy the number from Adress book without editing that record ?

    It's a pity the Treo is only OS3.5 because sending vCard objects over SMS is built into OS4.0 and upwards (you just need to install a SMS library).

    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...
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    Sorry to bring up this old thread but I just got my Treo and am really interested in an app that does atleast multi-address sms and delivery reports.

    Tried funSMS but didn't quite do what I wanted. Can anyone help.

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    multi-address sms is possible with built-in sms. after entering the first number, enter a comma "," then the next address and so on.

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